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Capricorn, a horror movie enthusiast, and podcast nut who occasionally writes.

This Is What Happens When Girls Call Me Creepy…

Originally Published on Creepy Catalog on October 17, 2016. I received your package. Your house is number 75, mine is 57. Surely, the mailman couldn’t have mixed it up on purpose; he was a player in our fate. It was... Continue Reading →


I Google’d The House I Live In…

Originally published on r/nosleep. Publish on Creepy Catalog on October 17, 2016. My parents made a living off of buying and flipping houses, along with working odd jobs on the side. I never lived in one place for more than... Continue Reading →

Rachel’s Secret Exposed

Originally posted on r/nosleep. Published on Creepy Catalog on September 29, 2016. ------- I want to start off by saying that I’m not one to be paranoid. Really, I’m not. But I knew Rachel was destined to kill people. To... Continue Reading →

Please Don’t Go to the ‘Real Life Horror Experience’ Camps

Originally posted on r/nosleep. Posted on Eerie Dolls for Halloweenfest Day 1, and narrated on the NoSleep Podcast.  I want to warn you all about this new phenomenon that you’ll see popping up in the next couple of weeks, and... Continue Reading →

The Real Stories Behind the Clowns of Greenvile, S.C

Originally posted on r/nosleep. Posted on Creepy Catalog on September 6, 2016. In 1981, the United States experienced The Phantom Clown Scare. You won’t find many details about The Phantom Clown Scare on Wikipedia or in textbooks – you’re lucky... Continue Reading →

The Old Man…And His Wife

Originally posted on r/nosleep 2 months ago.  A cul de sac: a dead end street with only one way in and/or out. A cul de sac community: everyone knows everyone, including their business. It’s all a façade, at twenty years... Continue Reading →

My Friends Deserved to Die

Originally posted on r/nosleep 3 months ago.  Imagine an August night like the rest. The afternoon sky was setting, the blue turning into red near the horizon. What was that saying? Red sky at night, sailor’s delight? Well, whatever the... Continue Reading →

We’re Quarantined at a Music Festival, What’s Going on Back Home?

Originally posted on r/nosleep 3 months ago.  I don’t know if this will reach anyone, let alone the right people – but Reddit, I have to warn you all. I’ve always been a festival junkie; once summer rolled around, majority... Continue Reading →

They Warned Us About the Island, But We Didn’t Listen

Originally posted on r/nosleep 4 months ago.  ------ I still have nightmares about what happened at North Sentinel Island a year later. My therapist, a fifty-three year old woman with a smoker’s cough and blunt attitude who specializes in PTSD,... Continue Reading →

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