Vivian is a 23 year-old genre nut. Her love for horror began at a young age when she snuck out of bed to watch Scream from behind the couch, unbeknownst to her babysitter. After that, she read her moms Dean Koontz and Stephen King books under the covers, way past her bedtime. Suffice to say, she was immersed into the world of the supernatural and horror.

With a background in broadcast journalism, writing has been a passion of Vivian’s, but she did not start putting her work out there until this past year. Her first publication was in Thought Catalog’s “And Things That Go Bump in The Night”, and she is working towards putting more of her work out there.

She is open to suggestions and critiques (and welcomes them!), and hopes that you will enjoy her writing.

You can contact her via Twitter by sending her a tweet, or by e-mail for any other inquiries.