Hi all,

I’m so thrilled (and surprised) by the amount of traffic my website has been getting. It is truly encouraging for me to continue posting my writing.

I wanted to share my latest contribution to Horror Writers, for my story “The Old Man…And His Wife.” You can view it on the website here. Thank you to Horror Writers for publishing my piece, it’s been an honour!

Tomorrow morning I will have my story published about a killer medium – both on NoSleep, and here as well. And then I’m playing around with some ideas centred around:

  • The Death of All Things
  • Deadlights
  • Locker Shockers aka Campy Horror Stories – (my fav).
  • Descansos
  • Reoccurring Nightmares

Now these submissions will be for the website Horror Tree, so I’m going to see which ones I am allowed to publish beforehand, since their rules are pretty strict there.