Below, you will find all the short stories I have written:

‘I’ve Been Doxed, Please Help Me.’ [reddit] [Creepy Catalog]

‘Mary’s Wig’ [reddit]

‘I Wish I Didn’t Pass by that Halloween Store’ [reddit]

‘They Don’t Celebrate Halloween In Islesboro, Maine’ [reddit] [Creepy Catalog]

‘My Personal Touch for Halloween Masks’ [reddit] [Creepy Catalog]

‘This is What Happens to Girls  Who Call Me Creepy’ [Creepy Catalog]

‘I Google’d the House I Live In…Now I Really Wish I Hadn’t’ [reddit] [Creepy Catalog]

‘Rachel’s Secret Exposed’ [reddit] [Creepy Catalog]

‘Please Do Not Go to the ‘Real Life Horror Experience’ Camps [reddit] [NoSleep Podcast] [Eerie Dolls]

‘The Real Story Behind the Clowns of Greenville, S.C’ [reddit] [Creepy Catalog]

‘The Old Man…And His Wife’ [reddit]

‘My Friends Deserved to Die’ [reddit]

‘We’re Quarantined in a Music Festival, What’s Going on at Home?’ [reddit]

‘They Warned Us About the Island, But We Didn’t Listen’ [reddit]

‘Tinder Date Gone Horribly Wrong’ [reddit] [Creepy Catalog]

‘I Started Writing to a Convicted Murderer…’ [Creepy Catalog]

‘My Sister Killed Someone and I’m Next’ [reddit] [Creepy Catalog]

‘I Think the Elevator Ritual Killed this Girl..’ [Creepy Catalog]

Published Work:

‘And Things that Go Bump in The Night’ [Amazon & iBooks]


‘I Don’t Recommend Going to Bluewater Beach’
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Narrations on Youtube:

ListenToMeSpeak ‘Clown Attack Stories on Reddit’ [YouTube]