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The Dog Snatcher

Originally posted on r/nosleep on Thursday December 15.   I was 8 years old when it first happened. We were sitting in the park, exhausted from playing outside. The summer sun had completely drained our energy, and we found refuge under... Continue Reading →


You Can’t Trust a Medium

Originally posted on r/nosleep. “Please, ask him if he’s doing alright,” the teary-eyed widow across from me said, her face splotchy from crying. I looked beside her and gulped. The man beside her no longer cared for his wife, he... Continue Reading →

Exciting News!

Hi all, I'm so thrilled (and surprised) by the amount of traffic my website has been getting. It is truly encouraging for me to continue posting my writing. I wanted to share my latest contribution to Horror Writers, for my... Continue Reading →

That’s Not My Boyfriend…So Who Is This Person?

Originally published on r/nosleep. ------- I’d been sleeping at my boyfriend, Sam’s house for the past three days. His parents were away in Florida, and despite his tough-guy demeanour, I knew he didn’t want to be alone. We’ve been together... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Doxed, Please Help Me.

Originally posted on r/nosleep. Published on Creepy Catalog on November 15, 2016.  There are a lot of things I regret in my life, things that were beyond my control that I am sure I brought on to myself. Unfortunately, I... Continue Reading →

Mary’s Wig.

Originally published on r/nosleep. Published on Creepy Catalog on November 2, 2016. I’ve never liked Halloween. I wasn’t raised by moral or religious objections to dislike Halloween, nor am I ‘too old’ to dislike Halloween. I’m not opposed to Halloween... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Didn’t Pass By that Halloween Store

Originally published on r/nosleep 22 days ago.  I passed that girl, that girl on the missing flyer from two weeks ago. I passed her in the window of a Halloween pop-up shop, hanging as one of the decorations. Two weeks... Continue Reading →

They Don’t Celebrate Halloween in Islesboro, Maine.

Originally posted on r/nosleep. Published on Creepy Catalog on October 25, 2016. I’ve wanted to tell this story for a year now, but my boyfriend was against it. I would hope that after a year he’d be more lenient, but... Continue Reading →

My Personal Touch for Halloween Masks

Originally published on r/nosleep. Published on Creepy Catalog on October 19, 2016. My name is Cherry Rae; I’m a YouTube beauty guru. Cherry Rae isn’t my real name, nor is it my ‘YouTube name’. It’s a name I thought up... Continue Reading →

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